Dave N5UP

Dave N5UP
Dave monitoring progress during the server migration June 17, 2010

Dell R710 server

Dell R710 server
A technician at our data center adjusts a rack of Dell R710 servers

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Status of the migration to new server farm

The database tuning advisor came up with recommendations that will produce a 40% improvement in the database performance. I will implement those in the test database, find out if there are any problems with them, and then also implement them again after I do the final copy of the production database.

Copying the database over to the new database server for a test run has already taken over 9 hours, and there are about 3 hours left to go.

It took me quite a while today to figure out all the peculiarities of Windows 2008 server and its firewalls and programs. For instance, did you know that Win2008 32-bit thinks that Daylight Saving Time is an option for UTC? Now Win2008 R2 (64-bit) knows that concept is absurd, but the 32-bit version presents a checkbox for selecting DST on UTC! Weird.

Everything is looking pretty good so far. I don't dare speculate as to what date this will all happen, but I will be able to bring up several of the smaller web sites first, and I might give you the URL to those after I get them running.

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